Real Estate FAQ


  1. How far ahead should I schedule my appointment?
    With an ever-changing schedule, as much lead time as possible is helpful, in order to get the date & time you prefer. I’m only limited by what is already scheduled, and once I have an appointment on the schedule, I cannot move it to accommodate another one… I am a stickler for respecting the needs of clients, who should expect their scheduled appointments to be honored. There are certainly times that I can make an appointment on short notice; I’m just at the mercy of my schedule!
  2. What is the turnaround time for photos?
    Typical turnaround is 48 hours; in some cases images can be ready sooner, but my reputation and need to provide a quality product is important, and I would be doing clients a disservice by rushing out images before they were at their best.
  3. Do you move furniture around or clean up items in the home prior to photography?
    Unfortunately, I’m only able to photograph the property, due to my own scheduling constraints, and liability for things being damaged or misplaced. It’s important to convey to the seller the importance of getting the home picture perfect! A consultation with a stager can be very beneficial to give the best impression to potential buyers.
  4. Can you Photoshop rooms with things out of place?
    Short answer: no I can’t. It’s really important to have things ready for prime time… Also, I can’t erase cracks in walls, or other defects in homes. It really is a matter of ethics, to make sure the images portray the property honestly to potential buyers and their agents.
  5. How are cancellations handled?
    Things can & will happen in the course of any scheduled business. Communication is important! Cancellations or rescheduling with 24 hours notice are appreciated… If cancelled closer to appointment time, there is a $45 cancellation fee. If I arrive at the property and am unable to get access to shoot, or find that the shoot has been cancelled, there is a $55 cancellation fee. These really shouldn’t be an issue, because realtors are typically very big on open communication with the entire process!
  6. What if bad weather prevents shooting?
    No one can control the weather. Weather cancelations are simply not subject to any fees. If the agent agrees, I can photograph the inside of the home, at the time of the scheduled session (this will be more time-efficient for both photographer and agent), and will make a return visit as quickly as possible, to take outside photos when weather permits.
  7. How are images delivered, and how is payment handled?
    Images will be delivered digitally, via link that will be provided. The same link will provide access to a virtual tour, if ordered. Payment is due at the time of the photo session, and cards can be processed onsite, for your convenience!
  8. What about copyrights?
    Definitely an important, though unpopular subject in the age of digital media! Apex Visual owns the copyright to all images, unless rights are purchased per written agreement; use of real estate images is limited to only use for marketing of the current listing for the home.
    Commercial images, such as builder portfolio images, are handled differently, per needs/agreement with that commercial client.