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Residential properties

For most potential buyers, their first impressions will be decided based on the listing photos of each property that they view. Professional photos can make a big difference in the first impression that each viewer has of your property. Spending a little bit of money on a photographer can have a strong impact on the final price of the home, making it possible to market it for more, whereas amateur photos can actually lower the selling price, by causing buyers to bypass the listing, based upon the photos they see. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  (see Real Estate FAQ here)

Residential still photo pricing
Package 1: 10 photos$95
Package 2: 20 photos $125
Package 3:32 photos$150
Package 4: 40 photos $200
Package 5: 50 photos $325
Package 6: Exterior ONLY (up to 10 photos) $75

Pricing shown above applies to Southside Hampton Roads area cities: Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk. We are happy to serve other areas, with a modest price change to account for travel time.

Aerial photos
Aerial photos, via drone, do not have to be prohibitively expensive, and give infinitely more options for desired viewing angle or height than the traditional pole.
Elevated views of your property can be very helpful, both for the seller to showcase specific features about the property that simply cannot be obtained at ground level, and for the buyer to be able to get an overall “big picture” view of their potential new home.

Licensed drone operator: As of 2016, legal operation of a drone for any commercial purpose requires a special Part 107 remote pilot license. We are proudly FAA licensed for commercial drone use, holding an approved Part 107 License that authorizes commercial UAS operations, putting us, and therefore our clients, in compliance with these regulations.

AERIAL PHOTO & VIDEO (added to a listing photo package)
All sides of the property, along with high overhead view, surrounding area view, or specific shots requested by agent
5 shots$65
10 shots$75
20 shots$120
AERIAL PHOTO & VIDEO (ordered as a standalone item)
up to 10 shots$125
up to 20 shots$155
Aerial video$145
VIDEO PRESENTATION (as an addition to photo package)
Standalone presentation, combining aerial photos & video$75